Institute of Optoelectronic Materials and Devices

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     The institute is founded in 2019, is a professional research institute engaged in the basic research and pilot product development of optoelectronic materials and devices. National International Science and Technology Cooperation Base for Functional Materials Measurement and Testing Standards, National and Local Joint Engineering Laboratory for Rare Earth Magnetic Photoelectric Functional Materials and Zhejiang Engineering Laboratory, Zhejiang Synergy Innovation Center for Functional Materials and Measurement and Detection Technology, National Weapon Equipment Research and Production Unit II The level of confidentiality qualification certificate is an important part of the first-class discipline of optical engineering in Zhejiang Province.

    There are more than 40 researchers in the institute, including 10 professors. They have the New Century Excellent Talents Program of the Ministry of Education, Zhejiang Specially Appointed Experts, Zhejiang Wanren Plan, Zhejiang Distinguished Professor, Zhejiang New Century 151 Talent Project Level 1 and Key funding, Zhejiang Outstanding Youth, Zhejiang Outstanding Youth Science Fund, Zhejiang Young and Middle-aged Academic Leader, Zhejiang Excellent Teacher, Zhejiang Key Science and Technology Innovation Team and Zhejiang University High-level Innovation Team and other high-level talents and teams.

   The institute has presided over more than 100 scientific research projects including key national defense research and development programs, national international science and technology cooperation projects, national key research and development programs, national natural science funds, key research and development projects in Zhejiang Province, and major basic research in Zhejiang Province. More than 200 papers in SCI have been published in domestic and foreign academic journals such as Chem. Rev., Surf. Sci. Rep., Nanoscale, J. Mater. Chem. C, Photo. Res., Opt. Lett., Opt. Express. Authorized 1 US invention patent and more than 100 Chinese invention patents; successively won the first prize of Zhejiang Technology Invention Award, the second prize of Zhejiang Natural Science Award, the second prize of Zhejiang Science and Technology Progress Award and the teaching achievement of Zhejiang Province Second-class awards and other research awards.

    The institute has a complete set of advanced research and development platforms from optoelectronic material preparation and processing, performance characterization, to optoelectronic device fabrication and characterization, and optical system design. It has more than 100 sets of advanced instruments and equipment, and the equipment value is more than 30 million yuan.

(The above information is as of June 2019)

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